Our private investigation agency will solve any problem you have quickly, confidentially and inexpensively. We have been working successfully for a long time both in St. Petersburg and other cities.

Check of marital infidelity – method of secret external surveillance will help you find out the truth within 3 days.
External observation – it is a universal way to learn a lot about any person.
Stationary surveillance – is a type of external surveillance for obtaining important information.
Counter-surveillance – if you feel that you are being watched, or you know it for sure, counter-observation will help to stop surveillance and find out who and why was doing it.
Search for missing – we are searching for those who gone missing, both adults and children, no matter how long ago it happened.
Information security audit — personal and corporate IT security
Collection of information about a person – any specific information at your request, or a complete information profile on a person.
Criminal tracking – looking for criminals, including especially dangerous, in Russia and abroad.
Search for stolen cars – this can effectively help owners of hijacked cars both shortly after incident and for long time committed hijackings.
Information by phone number – all information about a person by mobile phone number.
Information by vehicle registration number — all information about a person by vehicle registration number.
Lie detector – it is a voluntary test of a person on a high-precision modern polygraph for resolving conflict situations and discovering the truth.
Surveillance of children – is an external observation of children behavior and teenagers outside the home to identify harmful habits and bad associations.
Return of the husband or wife to the family by «pick up» method — it is a legal and effective method of destroying the extramarital affair and returning a person to the family.
Silent surveillance in land and air transport – is a kind of external observation of movement of a person you are interested in.
Information from social networks – this service will help to find what your partner is doing and with whom he/she communicates on the Internet, reveal a virtual affair and warn you if it may turn into a real infidelity.
Help in case of conflict with law enforcement agencies
Verification of an alibi is the main proof of non-participation of a suspect or an accused to the act attributed to him.
Legal assistance to people in detention facilities is free consultation and assistance in selection of rational methods for observing rights of imprisoned
Comprehensive verification of biographical data of domestic staff — quickly, confidentially and with a 100% guarantee
Working with archives in Russia and abroad — finding relatives and inheritance, affirming kinship, documenting Jewishness, restoring historical truth, helping to compile a genealogical tree

If you do not find the service you are interested in among those above, you can call us on +7 (921) 915-81-63 and we will try to help you