It may happen that any person or organization may need help of a private investigator. An investigation agency can solve a set of problems witch a usual person can’t cope with. Since you are on our web-site, you might have understood that, and you are looking for a private investigator who could help you with problem encountered.

Investigation services by Dmitriy Tretiakov in Saint-Petersburg:

  • We offer a full range of investigation services for information seeking for both individuals and legal entities — from specific information in databases to compiling an information file on a person or an organization.
  • We work with searching for missing children and adults, searching for stolen cars, stolen valuables, hidden property and assets
  • We provide surveillance in St. Petersburg and other cities in Russia, including stationary and secret surveillance in land and air transport
  • We have effective methods of exposing adultery (using external surveillance, gathering information about communication on the Internet), and, equally importantly, have developed an effective and legal method which helps to return husband/wife to family.
  • We help parents of children and teenagers find out what child does in his/her spare time outside his/her home so that, in case of problems with behavior, alcohol or drug addiction, we can help your child stay away from these things.
    We solve a lot of other problems, which you can read about on our website in «Services and Prices” section.

If you need a private investigator in St. Petersburg to solve a specific and urgent case that you do not find on the list of our services, don’t hesitate to call us at any time of a day (24/7) on this number +7 (921) 915-81-63

If, in your opinion, your issue requires prompt action, but it is difficult to describe it on the phone, you can book a meeting with one of our private investigators at your home or any public place in St. Petersburg and its region.
After agreeing upon all conditions, we will start on a case immediately, without wasting precious time on formalities.

Advantages of private investigation agency “Triumph”:

  • All employees of our private investigation agency have plenty years of experience of working in state security agencies and successfully solve the most difficult professional tasks.
  • We guarantee absolute confidentiality of all negotiations, investigation services rendered, information handed over to us and results of an investigation conducted by us.
  • All services are rendered within the law: we never go beyond the law, while the high effectiveness of the investigation agency’s actions is due to high professionalism and experience in resolving cases we take.
  • Our investigation agency is a member of the International Association of Private Detectives, which offers us many opportunities, including work with colleagues in private investigation agencies, not only in St. Petersburg and its region, but all over Russia and Europe.
  • As a professional investigation agency, we have experienced investigators and experts of external surveillance
  • We are always ready to offer you a consultation on any investigation service you are interested in both before and after it is rendered (it can be a specific legal advice or personal advice, how to handle this or that situation).
  • If necessary, our investigator can visit a client in St. Petersburg and its region.
  • We have affordable prices and we do our best: prices on all investigation services are based on calculations of actual time spent on the case;
  • We do not give empty promises to our clients, we do not impose inefficient services and do not take the case if we see that we cannot help a person.
  • All data received and found during investigation is destroyed from all information carriers of our investigation agency after it is handed over to a client.
  • Since services of a private investigator require significant amounts of time and logistical costs, we take payment in advance. We guarantee to every client that after we take a case everything will be done to achieve the best result.

Dmitriy Tretyakov’s Investigation agency “Triumph” in Saint Petersburg will help you in any sensitive matter that requires quick, non-standard, effective solutions!

You are welcome to visit our office at the address: St. Petersburg, Malaya Morskaya street, 11, Business Center “Schroter House”.