Private investigation agency «Triumph» is a reliable partner for organizations and enterprises of St. Petersburg and its region, which can both replace company’s own security service, and expand methods of work of the existing service.

Services Price
Polygraph under recruitment process – checking candidates for mass recruitment and closing top positions: validating CV, professional skills, the true reasons and motives for applying for a position in company. from 5 000 rubles
Check of candidate for work — If you want to be sure what kind of person you are about to hire, it is advisable to conduct a check of candidates. Private investigation agency Triumph will help you at this. from 6 000 rubles
Search for debtors – we can help find those who have not paid loans and have not fulfilled other financial obligations to individuals and owners of debtor organizations, as well as if they are hiding. from 20 000 rubles
Security escort of cargo transportation – protection of goods, including armed escort by private investigators across Russia and abroad. negotiable price
Identification of information disclosure – checking offices, houses, cars for presence of «bugs», working with company’s personnel to identify industrial spies. from 1 000 rubles for square meter
Information security audit — personal and corporate IT security from 5 000 rubles
Collection of information about organizations – any data on competing and partner companies and enterprises you are interested in: from statutory data to a complete information file. from 20 000 rubles
Search for property and assets of a company – we search for movable and immovable property, all types of assets of companies, debtors that have not fulfilled financial obligations to you or declared bankrupt. from 30 000 rubles
Verification of information – we will check any information you are interested in, as well as documents for authenticity. from 20 000 rubles
Stationary surveillance – is a type of external surveillance for obtaining important information. 8 000 rubles for 4 hours (minimum 4 hours)
Verification of an alibi —is the main proof of non-participation of a suspect or an accused to the act attributed to him. from 20 000 rubles per hour

If you need other help, and it is not on the list above, please call us, and we will offer an effective solution for your case, including selecting a set of activities from the entire range of services..