We offer installation and maintenance services for video surveillance in St. Petersburg and its region. You can get continuous monitoring of object: an apartment, an office, a shop, a yard, an entrance hall, a warehouse, a factory.

We can also provide monitoring movement of people and vehicles in territory, actions of nurse when handling your child, as well as your children when you are not at home or monitoring of your country house.

Each person has different reasons and needs for installation of video surveillance. Today’s technologies and capabilities, and of course the resourcefulness of our engineer, will offer you an interesting solution for installing your video monitoring system.

Specialists of our agency have solid experience in installing CCTV in various types of facilities in St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg region and other regions of Russia and have implemented more than a thousand of customers’ ideas. For example, we designed and installed a video surveillance system on a small village in a very remote area with a possibility of remote monitoring and control. The main challenge of this task was the lack of mobile communication.

Our engineers were also engaged in the installation of an automated system “Safe City”, which includes video monitoring and technical security in the scale of one of the cities of Russia.

Do not hesitate to call us on +7 (921) 915-81-63 and we will set up your CCTV system.